How to Create a Content Calendar that Will Lead you to Success

The main reason why bloggers fail to be consistent with their blog is because they don’t have a content calendar.

I could mention more than 20 reasons to why most bloggers fail to be consistent when blogging or they quick blogging altogether.

I could write a whole blog post just dedicated to that, but today I am only focusing on one reason.

The main reason why bloggers fail to be consistent with their blog is because they don’t have a content calendar (editorial calendar). Believe me when I say that having an editorial calendar will help you be consistent and therefore lead you to succeed in the blogging world. If you are a blogger and you don’t have a content calendar or you want to improve yours allow me to share how to create an editorial calendar that will lead you to success.

How to Create a Content Calendar that Will Lead you to Success

Before Starting, Download your Free Editorial Calendar Template! 

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What’s a content calendar and Why should you have one?

An editorial calendar is a calendar where you keep all the blog posts and details of the blog posts that you planned on publishing. The reason why you should have and editorial calendar is because readers like bloggers that are consistent. Having an editorial calendar will make you consistent and when you give readers what they want your blog traffic increases. (But keep in mind that being consistent is not the only thing that will lead you to increase your blog traffic. Is this an a hundred of other things)

Having an editorial calendar will lead you to success. It will help you accomplish your goals. Therefore I encourage you to use your editorial calendar as a goal tracker. With an editorial calendar you won’t feel stressed every time you sit down trying to decide what to write about. Your ideas will be waiting for you to be developed. Instead of spending time stressing, you will be researching to make sure the content that you put out there is valuable.

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Get Your Content Calendar Template

How to choose a Posting Schedule?

The first thing you want to do, before building your editorial calendar (content calendar), is to decide what your posting schedule will look like. A posting schedule will help you manage your time better and you will know how much content you need to create for the month.

There are 3 questions that you need to answer before creating your posting schedule.

  1. How much time can I dedicate to blogging?The reason why I start with this question is because I know that a lot of bloggers are not full time bloggers, they have full time jobs or are full time moms or are full time students. So depending on your situation, decide how much time are you willing to dedicate to blogging.
  2.  How much does it take me to write a post? Maybe you blog about product review and after testing the product, it only takes you an hour to have a finished post ready to publish. Or maybe you have a DIY blog and writing a blog post takes you 2-3 hours. Chances are that if you review products on your blog you will be able to produce more content in less time. Therefore this blog will be able to publish more posts throughout the week than the DIY blog. (But of course it all depends on the amount of time available to blogging)
  3. Am I willing to blog consistently? If you really want to take your blog seriously (which I know you do) then you probably are ready to start building that editorial calendar. Always remember that you need to set yourself for success. So take the first step now!

Set yourself for success! 

Now that you have answered all the questions, build a posting schedule that works for you. Keep in mind the 3 questions. You want the number of posts per week to be doable. Then pick the days when you will be posting.

Also chose the days and time when you are going to work on creating content.

bloggingHow to Create your Content Calendar?

There are tons of apps and programs that helps you create an editorial calendar for your blog. Here are some of them:

  • Google Calendar. Its free and easy to use. Syncs with all your devices.
  • Excel. Free and easy to use. You have total control of the information you want to include in your editorial calendar.
  • Physical Planner. If you prefer writing it down, your planner will work perfectly to create an editorial calendar

These are only my favorites. I currently use Excel for my editorial calendar. There you can really customize your calendar any way you want.

What should your editorial calendar include?

When I started blogging my editorial calendar was simple, but because I like including my podcast episodes and webinars, my editorial calendar looks more complex now.

Here is how my editorial calendar currently looks like:

Content Calendar

I have managed to downsize everything I have in my Excel sheet into a more simple yet complete editorial calendar. This has everything you need to create an editorial calendar that will lead you to success. Download it now for free!

Get Your Content Calendar Template

Here is what your editorial calendar should include:

  • Month
  • Main Goal for the month
  • Publish Date
  • Category
  • Headline
  • Notes
  • Status

Because I know that you are a busy blogger, I created an Editorial Calendar template that you can download for free. This includes everything you need for an editorial calendar.

Get Your Content Calendar Template

Thats my guide to create an editorial calendar that will lead you to success! If you found this helpful share this post with fellow bloggers to help them succeed.

If you use the free printable that I offer in this blog post take a picture and share it with us on Instagram using #BloggersMeetBloggers

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