Meet the Blogger: 9 Questions With Rachel Kocurek

Meet the Blogger! I love discovering new blogs! I am always in the hunt for a good blog post to read. When I started Bloggers Meet Bloggers my intention was not only to share everything I know about blogging to help you guys grow a successful blog, I also wanted to give bloggers a platform where they can share their stories and their struggles as bloggers.

As a blogger, I know it can be hard to find ways to reach new audiences, thats why I created Meet the Blogger. Meet the Blogger consist of a series of interviews where I ask bloggers about themselves and their blogs. Meet the Blogger is a platform to help bloggers reach new audiences and it’s also a platform to help the audience discover new content and connect with bloggers.


The first interview on Meet the Blogger is with Rachel Kocurek, a high school English teacher and blogger over at Simple. Honest. Essential.

9 Questions with Rachel Kocurek

Meet the Blogger

My name is Rachel Kocurek and I run with my boyfriend, Pete Dillenburg. We started the blog over the summer of 2017, so we are still relatively new. I am a full-time high school teacher and part-time blogger. My goal is to make healthy living simple and attainable. On the blog, you’ll find a little bit of everything, including recipes, easy DIY projects, and a healthy dose of essential oils.

  1. Who is Simple. Honest. Essential. for?

I’m looking to reach readers who are interested in living a healthier, simpler life (or already do). I also hope to reach those who want to incorporate essential oils as part of a healthy lifestyle. I hope to be a one-stop shop where people can go to learn everything from how essential oils work to how to use them in their daily routines.

  1. What are your struggles as a blogger?

I really thought that my biggest struggle would be the technology aspect of running a website, but luckily Pete is great at the behind-the-scenes work. As it turns out, my biggest struggle has been social media. Before starting Simple. Honest. Essential. I was only on Facebook and Pinterest. I had just started to check out Instagram and only had about 30 followers. Suddenly I had to learn about multiple platforms all at once. As it turns out, learning about social media has been a fun and rewarding experience, and I have met so many amazing fellow bloggers.


  1. How do you deal with numbers and comparing yourself with other bloggers?

I am very much a type A personality, so comparing myself to others is absolutely something that I struggle with. That being said, I try not to focus too much on numbers. I would rather have a small group of readers and followers that are truly interested and want to engage. More than anything else, the comparison trap motivates me to be better. I try to step back and remember that everyone has to start somewhere. I have been reading blogs for years, but always as a silent observer. Now I can look at those same blogs and view them as inspiration.

  1. What makes you stand out as a blogger?

I hope that what makes me stand out is my heart. I blog for the same reason I teach: I want to help others and I have a passion. My goal is to make healthy and simple living easily attainable. People are so busy and stressed; I want to help alleviate some of that.


  1. What are some of your favorite tools for blogging?

Right now I am all about groups. I’m still new, so I constantly have questions. Having a group of people that I can go to, makes a huge difference. In addition to Bloggers Meet Bloggers, I am involved in a handful of other Facebook groups. Blogging really is about community.

  1. What’s your favorite post you have written and why?

I have a two way-tie for my favorite post.

Vegan Baked Oatmeal with Dried Cherries and Pecans is at the top of the list because it was my first guest post and first recipe. I really love to cook, so I was really excited to share that. This is a recipe that Pete and I have been making for a long time, and I was thrilled that it really represented who I am and how I like to cook. Putting my writing on someone else’s blog was scary, but a huge step.

My second favorite post is a two-part series that Pete and I worked on together. We recently did a Christmas gift idea series. I posted “15 Gift Ideas for Her” and Pete posted “15 Gift Ideas for Him.” This one is special because it was Pete’s first post. While he helps me with social media and runs the back end of the blog, this was my opportunity to teach him how to write and publish a post.

  1. Which is your most read post?

Currently the most popular post is “Cold Weather Cocktails Featuring Essential Oils.” This post combines my love of creating recipes with my love of essential oils. In this post, you’ll find recipes for an apple cider hot toddy and an old fashioned.

  1. How does your perfect day looks like?

Pete and I love to find new suburbs or parts of the city to explore. We call these days adventures. Typically we pick a location and just go. I’m such a planner, so letting go and just seeing where the day takes us is a nice break. We usually start by trying a new coffee shop (local coffee shops are a shared obsession). We wander around for the day, checking out local shops, and picking a new restaurant for lunch.

Rachel’s Blogging Space

  1. Rachel’s Blogging Space

My ideal blogging space is quiet, which can be difficult with a full-time teaching job. Usually I work in the evening, but my favorite time to get work done is on weekend mornings (while drinking coffee). I set up at the desk downstairs. Typically I diffuse Envision while I’m working to get the creative juices flowing. I always have my planner with me. My entire life is in that planner! She’s not in this particular picture, but there is always a puppy close by!

Where to Find Rachel!

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