Meet The Blogger: 9 Questions with Britta

Meet the Blogger! I love discovering new blogs! I am always in the hunt for a good blog post to read. When I started Bloggers Meet Bloggers my intention was not only to share everything I know about blogging to help you guys grow a successful blog, I also wanted to give bloggers a platform where they can share their stories and their struggles as bloggers.

As a blogger, I know it can be hard to find ways to reach new audiences, thats why I created Meet the Blogger. Meet the Blogger consist of a series of interviews where I ask bloggers about themselves and their blogs. Meet the Blogger is a platform to help bloggers reach new audiences and it’s also a platform to help the audience discover new content and connect with bloggers.

The second interview on Meet the Blogger is with Britta, a blogger over at Bright and Bold Life.


Meet the Blogger

Hi, my name is Britta and I blog over at the Bright and Bold Life. I am a lover of all things crafty, the outdoors and deep conversations. The mission of my blog is to explore practical ways on how to live more eco-friendly and creative lives. I am a big believer in living our lives according to our values of caring for the planet, the people who live on it and ourselves. If you are interested in anything between creativity, sustainability and productivity my blog is the place for you!

  1. Who is Bright Bold Life for?

I am writing my blog for women who want to pursue their dreams whilst caring for the planet and the people who live on it.  In order to serve others, I fiercely believe that we need to know and love ourselves and I hope to help my readers to do just that!

I am really hoping to inspire people to live a more holistic, sustainable and creative life and to share my own journey toward that along the way.

  1. What are your struggles as a blogger?

Finding enough time for everything. I am juggling a Master’s degree, work, being married and my blog. Sometimes it is hard to fit it all into a day! I would love to have more time to connect with other bloggers, promote my site on social media and do more writing and photography.

Also, I am sometimes struggling with self-doubt, comparing myself to others and questioning whether I am reaching anyone with my writing. However, I just need to remind myself that my voice and perspective are unique and valuable!

  1. How do you deal with numbers and comparing yourself with other bloggers?

This is a tough one. I think it is important to keep remembering that everyone is unique and that every journey looks different. That blogger with this large following might have been doing this for a lot longer than me and maybe their interests resonate with a larger number of people. All I can do is to be myself and to share that as authentically as possible and hope that people will connect with me!


  1.  What makes you stand out as a blogger?

I am trying to be the blogger I always look for but couldn’t find (so far) – I am a Christian, passionate about the environment, holistic living and leading a creative and mindful life. Celebrating and combining all of these aspects in one blog is pretty unique (I think).


  1. What are some of your favorite tools for blogging?

I just got a DSLR camera and it is such a joy to take pictures with. I edit pictures with VSCO and use Canva for all of my graphics and header images with text. Other than that, I have a little WordPress plugin called Yoast which helps me to get a bit better with SEO and improve the readability of my posts. I am also using tailwind to schedule pins and have used buffer but I am not really using twitter at the moment because I don’t have enough time to be on all different social media platforms.

  1. What’s your favorite post you have written and why?

I wrote a post called “It’s your choice” where I talk about that most things in life are up to us. We have the power to change things. It is easy to feel trapped by circumstances and convention but when it comes down to it WE choose how we spend our time, money and our life. I love going back and re-reading this post as it always makes me feel empowered. Also, it makes me aware of the responsibility I have to live my life in the best possible way and to not just accept things as they are.


  1. Which is your most read post?

My most read post is called “7 ways to get out of a rut” where I give some strategies to regain motivation if you are feeling like you are in a creative slump, feeling depressed or uninspired.

  1. Describe your perfect day.

On my perfect day, I would get up early, make coffee, read the Bible and then do some journaling. With more coffee in my bamboo mug I’d head out for a nice morning walk along the canal and take some pictures. Afterwards I would have a big breakfast (probably porridge with peanut butter, banana and berries) whilst listening to a podcast.

I would then probably check Instagram and reply to messages before going out to a nice café with my husband to chill, do some writing for my blog and reading. Later I would go for a swim or run and then hang out with friends – ideally that would involve board games and lots of vegan pizza.

The PERFECT day would end with going to a gig. I am pretty obsessed with Jamie Cullum at the moment, so hearing him play live would be amazing. On my perfect day, I would only take public transport, cycle or walk because a perfect day involves minimal carbon emissions ;). On the whole – as long as a day involves writing and friends it is a good day!

  1. Britta’s Blogging Space


We just moved house and I have this little box office which I absolutely love! I always burn some scented candles and put on my fairy lights. That gets me in the zone for writing, studying, sewing or whatever else I am doing.

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  1. January 5, 2018 / 2:49 pm

    Great interview! My passion is writing and I hope to someday make a career of it as well. We aren’t even bothering to monetize our blog yet as it wasn’t a goal to make money off that. But, I’m realizing the high value of being social – in forums, Twitter and creating better content on Pinterest. Don’t worry about comparing yourself or your content to other bloggers. What we’ve discovered about the blogging community is that everyone really supports one another. You even get sad when one of your virtual blogger friends becomes inactive. Then you reach out, “hey buddy – where u been? In a rut or busy with other things?” And encourage them to come back….if they do, they will remember you are one of the people that inspired them to keep going!

    • Maria
      January 6, 2018 / 1:55 pm

      This is so good! I know that you will accomplish your goals and make writing a career!Just don’t give up!
      Thank you so much for commenting I love reading your comments!