Boost Blog Traffic | 6 Brilliant Ways to Grow your Audience

Boost Blog Traffic | We can spend hours making original and valuable content, but what happens when no one or only a few people actually consume it?

You just spent your time creating content, that even though it was valuable, didn’t accomplish it’s purpose.

Now, this is frustrating.

I have been there. I have created content and even full workbooks that don’t get any traffic at all. When I realized that I was wasting my time. I stopped creating content that will take me days to make and focus on creating a strategy to reach more people and accomplish my purpose.

In this post I want to share 6 things that I incorporated into my strategy to help boost blog traffic and grow online.

Boost Blog Traffic | 6 Brilliant Ways to Grow Your Audience

1. Know What your Audience Needs

This is the #1 way to increase your traffic. Know your audience.

When you know your audience you will be aware of their struggles. Create content that responds to these struggles and you will see a boost in your blog traffic. Now here is the challenging part:

How do I get to know my audience?

Well, there are two possible scenarios that you might be facing:

a) You already have an audience

b) You don’t have an audience

If you already have an audience, then getting to know your reader’s struggles is as easy as asking them. Here are some ways of knowing your readers challenges:

  • Reach out to a an active reader..

  • Make a Facebook Poll.

  • Make a Survey.

2. Create a Marketing Strategy

Develop a content marketing strategy, that you will be able to follow. Here is a list of places where you can promote your content:

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Groups (You can Join Our Facebook group here)
  • Instagram Bio
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram Stories
  • Pinterest Group Boards
  • Twitter bio
  • Tweets
  • Quora
  • Bloglovin
  • Pinterest tribes
  • Instagram Posts
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Plus

Those are just a few places where you can promote your content and boost blog traffic, if you have any other idea share them in the comments.

3. Make Pin Worthy Images

I know you have heard this before, but it’s true. Pinterest it’s the best tool out there to increase your traffic.

I know you probably have read thousands of posts describing the miracle that this search engine did to their blogs or businesses, but believe me when I say that 99% of these stories are true. If you are not on Pinterest, I encourage you to sign up right now and start making Pins that people won’t be able to resist pinning.

My favorite tool to create pins is Canva.

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4.  Stay Active on Facebook Groups

If you want to boost blog traffic right away I recommend you join Facebook groups dedicated to your niche.

Here are some tips to help you get the best of every Facebook Group:

  • Stay active
  • Follow guidelines when promoting your content
  • Answer member questions
  • Ask for help
  • Build relationships with potential readers
  • Build relationships with influencers

Join our Facebook Group! We would love to help you grow online! Bloggers Meet Bloggers the Community is where bloggers get to learn strategies to grow online while meeting other bloggers.

5. Create Irresistible Headlines

Your headline needs to be eye-catching. If it’s not people won’t click on them.

Be creative when it comes to writing headlines, brainstorm ideas and try them (maybe in a survey). If you want some inspiration go on Pinterest or even better visit Buzzfeed, they do an excellent job when it comes to developing eye-catching headlines.

6. Be Consistent

I have said this before and I’ll say it again.

The number one reason why bloggers fail is because they don’t have a content calendar.

If you don’t have a content calendar to guide you, you won’t be able to be consistent. Consequently, your blog traffic will drop even more.

Consistency is key to increasing your blog traffic! You don’t have to put out new content everyday, but you should at least commit to a schedule.

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For example: Because I am a full time student, I don’t have time to write new content everyday. Instead I committed to sharing new content every Monday morning. This doesn’t mean I don’t have my exceptions. The last week of December I decided to take a few days off, because I was feeling exhausted and knew I wouldn’t be able to put out valuable content.

Remember that I want you to be consistent, but I also want you to put valuable content out there, so take your time.

Those are my 6 ways to boost blog traffic. If you have any idea don’t forget to share it in the comments!

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