Meet the Blogger: 9 questions with Marlena

Meet the Blogger! I love discovering new blogs! I am always in the hunt for a good blog post to read. When I started Bloggers Meet Bloggers my intention was not only to share everything I know about blogging to help you guys grow a successful blog, I also wanted to give bloggers a platform where they can share their stories and their struggles as bloggers.

As a blogger, I know it can be hard to find ways to reach new audiences, thats why I created Meet the Blogger. Meet the Blogger consist of a series of interviews where I ask bloggers about themselves and their blogs. Meet the Blogger is a platform to help bloggers reach new audiences and it’s also a platform to help the audience discover new content and connect with bloggers.

The third interview on Meet the Blogger is with Marlena,a blogger over at Build Your Big Life.

About Marlena

Hi, I’m Marlena and I am a Purpose Alignment Consultant, which means I help people find clarity in what they want in life and to learn how to implement the steps needed to reach their goals without giving into fear, overwhelm, or negative thinking.   I’ve been a psychologist for many years and am fascinated by the intersection of psychology and business.

I decided to start a blog to help people to take risks to reach for big goals even when facing imposter syndrome and self doubt.  I was very shy when I started my career and burst through some thick walls of anxiety to get where I am today and I want to help others do the same.

Although my blog focuses on productivity, blogging, and career topics;  my focus tends to be on getting through limiting beliefs to reach further than you think is possible.

  1. Who is Build your Big Life for?

I want to reach women who have some difficulties with self confidence but are determined to work on reaching their goals.

As someone who struggled with imposter syndrome myself, I know how painful it is to question yourself on a daily basis and worry that others will “find out” that you are a fraud, that you don’t know things.  I worked hard to get past all of that and I am passionate about helping others do the same.


2. What are your struggles as a blogger?

My time is incredibly limited because I still work as a director of psychology for a large organization.  I blog on the side and there is so much I want to do, but I often run out of time.   I have had to find focus and clarity and stop chasing all the things I want to do.

3. How do you deal with numbers and comparing yourself with other bloggers?

I try not to compare myself to those that are way ahead of me.  I understand that my journey is my journey and no one else’s.  Everyone has a different life experience.  I’d be further along if I didn’t have my job and commute, but I do have them so I will not be as quick as others.  Do I feel discouraged or jealous at times?  Sure!

4. What makes you stand out as a blogger?

What differentiates me from some other bloggers is my background as a psychologist with a masters in business. I have great experience in helping others improve their personal and business lives.  Further, my own personal experience of coming from a place of shyness and low self confidence to reaching high levels of success in leadership and other accomplishments lends me the ability to show others how to do the same.

You see, I know what it is like to constantly question whether I am good enough.  What really sets me apart is that even when feeling those things, I went for it anyway.

5. What are some of your favorite tools for blogging?

All the tools!  My absolute favorite tool is Trello, which is where I have my editorial calendar and where I house all my ideas and courses.  I think it is pretty cool.  I also use Coschedule to schedule my blog posts and social media content.  Recently I started using a bullet journal, which allows me to keep all of my ideas with me daily.

6. What’s your favorite post you have written and why?

My favorite post I wrote is called “The Truth About Being an Entrepreneur.”  I have never seen myself as a creative person and I had so much fun writing this post.  I made up a product and talked about the difficulty with network marketing and essentially reported why I am not doing network marketing.

I tend to get a bit on a soapbox when I see people lying and saying that online marketing is easy and that you will be an instant millionaire.  While some people are really successful with network marketing, many are not.  That post talks about what that side is like.

7. Which is your most read post?

People tend to like my posts about setting goals and getting things done.   My most read posts is called “Conquer I Don’t Feel Like It and Get Things Done.

  1. How does your perfect day looks like?

The perfect day would be one where I get to wake up whenever I want and am able to focus and get a ton of stuff done.  I love to cross things off on my to do list.  I would help several people to improve their lives and businesses.  After the work is done, I’d have a nice meal with my husband and spend some time playing with the puppies.

9. Marlena’s Blogging Space


I blog at the dining room table or on the couch and it is usually a huge mess of papers, pens, stickers etc.  Although I have a nice office, I like to be around my dogs.

Where to Find Marlena!

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